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Xpanda Retractable Security Barriers

We can supply and fit modular retractable security barriers in the form of gates or mobile barriers for many applications such as shops, car parks, exit doors, loading bays or other commercial or industrial premises. Made from rolled steel the Xpanda security solutions offer a visual deterrent and act as an effective security barrier suitable across a variety of applications. The trackless system enables Xpanda to be easily operated across almost any size or shape of opening and its trolley version can allow rapid and flexible application. With its diamond design Xpanda creates an aesthetically pleasing, unobtrusive look and is the ideal solution where ventilation is required.

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The trackless barrier system (no top or bottom tracks) operate on a series of steel reinforced trolleys that allow complete mobility, spanning any width and up to a maximum height of 2.5 metres. The trolleys can be used to create temporary storage solutions and ideal for blocking off areas to restrict access, such as across warehouse doors.

Spanning any width it can be temporarily fixed in place with shoot bolts locking each trolley into the floor for optimum security. Locking devices on the end posts allow them to be effectively secured to the walls.

Emergency Exits and Doors

We can also supply expandable barriers that have been specifically designed for securing emergency exits and vulnerable glass entrance doors. The unique design enables occupants to unlock the gate from inside the premises by rotating an innovative thumb-turn lock. This keyless operation ensures that a quick and safe exit can be achieved at all times.

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Quality Manufacture & Finish

Xpanda uses various corrosion prevention treatments to prevent damage and ensure structural integrity against the weather, salt water, acids, or other hostile environments so these products last longer. Products are protected from the elements by an Electro Plating and Epoxy coating process.

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